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Jyoti Elias, L.A.c., M.S., Dipl. Ac, began practicing preventative and alternative medicine in Marin County over 30 years ago.  For the past 25 years she has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition in her office in Corte Madera.  In 1992 she earned her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is licensed by the state of California and nationally board certified to practice acupuncture.  Jyoti has trained with respected teachers in the field of Chinese medicine including: Dr. Richard Tan, and Giovanni Maciocia.  She continues to expand her knowledge of Chinese medicine and other forms of integrative medicine, most notably expanding her practice to include “Functional Medicine” which focuses on the underlying causative factor of disease and imbalance.

Jyoti works with her patients as a compassionate health care practitioner and medical detective to get to the root cause of the underlying condition. She is dedicated to supporting you in the process of restoring vibrant health and well-being.

"If you can accept your body, then you have a chance to see you body as your home. You can rest in your body, settle in, relax, and feel joy and ease."

-Thich Nhat Hanh


When appropriate, Chinese medicinal remedies are incorporated in the healing treatment, as these act internally to balance the metabolism, and increase the synergistic effect of the treatment. Vibrant health and well-being are a natural result when the body, mind, and spirit are gently brought into balance.

In the practice of traditional Chinese medicine, body, mind and spirit are seen as an integrated unit connected by channels or meridians through which vital life force or “Qi” flows. There are many influences that affect the quality, quantity, and balance of Qi.  Physical and emotional trauma, stress, lack of exercise, seasonal changes, diet or overexertion can all lead to a blockage or imbalance of Qi.  When the Qi becomes blocked, a cascading effect takes place, which can affect multiple organ systems. Acupuncture releases blocked or stagnant energy in the body by stimulating these channels or meridians.  When these blocks are opened and the Qi flows freely and unhindered, well-being, and harmony are a natural response. 


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